Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 has brought about many changes in my life. We started the year with my 16 yr old neice living with us, then in Feb she decided she just couldn't follow our house rules any longer so she moved back home to her mom's.

The bee's were here before we knew it and on to the pollination season we went. It was a great success due to healthy happy bees and the weather was really working with us too..

we had lots of Birthdays and most of them came with many changes......from 1 to 2 and from 20's to 30's......some of them are even getting really close to teens.......that's scary. 

We got to experience things that we never thought in a million years we would have to but we were forced to look at situations and decide on change or not.  That was tough to do as we all get very comfortable in the comfort zones. So out the comfort zone we came, shoes strings tied tight and off and running...................with great success we have moved past the uncomfortable parts and are now making it our new comfort zone........

.John has changed his job and has quit 3 other jobs...........amazing how we just really dont know what can happen if we take one step out of that box.

The granddaughter's Alexis, Kendra and miss Chelsey came to stay with grandma this year and we decided to build a playhouse out of the old chicken coop..........oh did we have fun. I was amazed at how constructive my granddaughters are........they ripped down closets, and wall board and floors and just jumped right into this construction action. Alexis said to me "grandma you rock, I love using tools".........hee hee . I can appreciate them getting excited about it as I have always gotten excited over using new tools. 

 The boys and parents and us (grandparents) went camping together for 3 days at Toats Coulee , Billy favorite place in the whole world......we had hot dogs on sticks, hot hot chips for Gabe........Billy jr got to go with the big boys and fish a lot. we walked trails and this is were I found out that grandbaby #10 was due in Feb...............WOW that was an amazing trip. 

October we lost our little Cissy dog , she was 14 and tired and will be so missed.

 Around end of Nov. my nephew Dalton decided he wanted to go to rehab and become a productive person and become involved in the family again........WELCOME BACK DALTON WE HAVE MISSED YOU.  

  He is currently in rehab and doing great I am so proud of him for making this choice.  I pray everyday that he is successful on his journey.

Along comes Dec and I have plans to make things for gifts this year, I was almost done with hats for the kids and was starting other things when I recieved a call from my son Billy that Bethany has went into labor.........oh no its too early she is not due until Feb. so our journey began with a whole lot of phone calls, and rearranging plans, so

 I took Brayden and Gabe while Karen (the other grandma) took Alex, Owen and Billy jr until mommy could come home from the hospital.  Brayden and I and Papa made Christmas wreath and Christmas cookies and we played SkipBo every night and Gabe decided he wanted to be potty kidding he just decided he wanted to do it and so grandma worked with him and he is now a BIG more diapers for Gabe he is the proud owner of 10 pair of toy story undies for big boys.....
things were looking ok until Christmas eve when Bethany's water broke so right after all the boys opened their gifts mommy went back to the hospital and they flew her to Seattle UW in fear that our new granddaughter would be born too early and have breathing problems..............

Abigail Bonnie Byington arrived on Jan 2, 2012,,,5# 1 oz and 18" long,,,,,doing great breathing on her own, eating well and looking like a little dolly....we have made it through 2011 the year of changes.........I am hoping for a much calmer year this year.........we will just have to wait and see .