Friday, December 26, 2008



Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ok, well here it is Christmas day and it's time to let Scott know which of the two designs he will be getting. As everyone knows by now he had picked out NBA or Seattle Mariner's and he left it up to me to pick which one I could make...........Drum roll please...







which one will it be?????

Ok are you ready? Here it is.................................................................

This is a full sheet of paper just to give you an idea of the size.

The Seattle Mariners...............................measures 25.5" in diameter I baked on the lines for the baseball, click on photos for a closer look.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Bazaar Time

Every year we do several Christmas Bazaars and this we decided to only do two. Dec 5 & 6 we did on in Tonasket and we got to set up right next to Grandma Funston. She always has so many pretty things to sell. I have a really hard time not buying from her. John bought a beautiful box of cookies from her and then he gave her back the box to refill and lol . Thats just like a grandson isn't it.

Honey for sale always. Steg's Honey everybody loves it.

Grandma Funston yes she made all the stuff on the table. It was stunning.

I was wondering how everyone else is doing with the cold? We were freezing yesterday but better today. The sun actually got to apear today yeah..............................
I tried to solder yesterday but it was so cold that I was afraid of breaking the glass with the hot iron so I didnt get much done and then today John and I decided to bake cookies so to say the least I didn't get any soldering done today either. Maybe tommorrow, I hope so anyhow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well I have 2 more students who have finished their projects and they seemed very pleased with the results. We celebrated with hot Vanilla Tea and yummy goodies that I baked. I have so much fun with my students that I always feel a little sad when they are finished. I am thrilled that they both felt they learned so much and then it happened! THE QUESTION "When are you starting the next series of classes"? YEAH they want to come back and do more, I smiled so big and I was thrilled that they asked. So I let them know that I will be taking a few weeks off so I can get ready for a show in Dec and I am also taking a 4 day vacation with hubby. We have been looking forward to it for a while now.........going to the big city, do some shopping, playing and just enjoy each other with out interuptions. YEAH I am so excited...........can you tell. hee hee hee I would like to thank these two ladies for all their hard work and drive to finish these projects,,,,,they were so driven that they made me see why I enjoy doing this so much. They were easy to teach also and that always makes things good.

I have 4 ladies already signed up for my next series of classes and then these 2 so I will be busy busy and I am looking forward to it. Enjoy the photos and just think to yourself how you can color your world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Few Halloween costumes to enjoy

Every year for the last 8 years we have spent Halloween with friends who really enjoy the holiday. This year I decided to take pictures and I was amazed at the costumes, here is just a sample of what we saw .

Halloween and Leaves Lots and Lots of Leaves!

Pumpkins made by my grandsons, Halloween was a great time. They cleaned them out and them drew on the faces. Then we drilled until the face came to life. Good Job boys they are WONDERFUL and so are you.

Leaves were falling until you couldn't see the grass, so the boys decided it was time to rake and jump on the piles. Oh my what it is to be young and carefree. Thank you all for sharing your Halloween with us.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Nice Things happening

Okay here it is Halloween day and I have some pictures to post finally. I am so proud of my students they do so well. Susie is done with her panel and she is proudly taken her piece home. When I look at the piece I see Art Deco and very much like Susies style. The thing is when you do not start with a pattern and it is totally up to you to decide the out come. WOW can it ever be pleasing to get the choice, I love what she created and that is truly a good artist, CREATING from nothing. Visions can come and go but the ones we bring alive is really exciting and then to proudly hang it on the wall for all to see. HMMMM I find nothing more pleasing then to have someone say OH MY where ever did you get the pattern for that one? Some where in side of all of us there is the vision now to get the brain and hands to work together on making that vision real. Oh and I stopped last weekend to see my new grandbaby.........and so I just had to add a photo of her too. A vision from God and she is truly a gift to all of us. Hi Chelsey, grandma loves you......................................

I will have more photos to come as my 4 grandsons will be here today to celebrate Halloween with me. I am so excited to see them and to have some time with them. They are just wonderful little boys and I am hoping they will rake all my leaves up for me hee hee hee.

Oh speaking of leaves I have the photos to show that is truly golden around here...........leaves everywhere..............I mean EVERYWHERE.

I will post again after the weekend is over I think I am going to be busy.


Friday, October 24, 2008

A Unique Unicorn Day

A Flock of our field. It actually was starting to look like the movie THE BIRDS ! SCARY............OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH
Pumkins for my grandboys

Today's project a UNIQUE UNICORN

Well I had a day were I thought was going to be pretty low key, no students, no John, just me. So I thought hee hee day started with phone call after phone call from people wanting honey. So I decided to go to my shop and leave the phone in the house and I would get the messages later. I had a dream last night about a unicorn? I know weird huh. But I had to go with it so I started cutting out the pattern and I had a customer come into the shop. He asked me to do some repairs for him and I agreed he said he would be later. So I went back to cutting and another customer walked in, another repair job to do. So I asked him were did he get my name and he told the Library in town had my name and address posted as the local Stain Glass Artist. Wow, I had no idea that was there. Oh well that's a good thing and so I went back to my unicorn and I finished and I also finished both repair jobs. I would say it was a good day for getting things done. I also finished another project I had set aside for a while. I hope everyone enjoys my unicorn. He makes me smile and now I am wondering what will I dream about tonight? I just hope it isn't to complicated.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Which one will I make ? That is the Question

I am posting two patterns that my son has asked to make, he only wants one but couldn't really decide which one. So I am going to pick one and then he will have to wait until Christmas to know what he gets. Picking two is not a good thing when you have a choice to make decide and stick to it. Wishy Washy doesn't pay off, well not for this instance anyhow. Halloween is coming and my grandsons (4) of them will be coming to my house to go trick or treating in there Daddy's old home town. I think we will all have a good time...........there's even a haunted house (I think) not sure I better check it out and see, but I have the pumpkins all ready for them to drill holes and make awesome faces in. Our Granddaughters were here last week and they did a totaly awesome job on their pumpkins. I have been watching the leaves fall from the trees today and I keep thinking about having to rake them up, then I got this cleaver idea , I will just mow them.....ha ha ha it only works well if the leaves are DRY. so now I have to dig them out of my mower blades because they are sticking to it. I always seem to make more work for myself.
Oh the thoughts we have when left alone all the time, and no one to bounce ideas off of. hmmm what kind of mess can I get into next.. I find myself cleaning out closets and then thinking why it's only going to fill up again, if I leave it full I won't be tempted to buy more to refill it........a new way of saving right? Wrong! I have been thinking about doing a lot of stuff lately but I think it is because I have not had a car in over a started out that my car needed a few things and then it was a few more things and now I do believe we have built a brand new engine......the price started at 700.00 then jumped to 1200.00 and now it looks more like 2800.00 sheesh I could have used that money as a down payment on a new car..............I hate thinking about the whole mess so I am just going to drop it and pay the bill and move on even though it really bites me. ok I have complained enough on the more postive side of my day. I have found a pattern I really like to put on my backporch windows,,,I am very excited about starting them. I guess you will have wait until I am finished to see what I come up with. I think it will surprise everyone.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teaching Glass Class

I have several students who are in a very creative mood. They all have taken lessons from me before but they seem to keep coming back to learn more. hmmm does that mean I am not teaching enough the first time around or am I teaching so well they want to learn more? tap tap tap I am thinking about this one. I have another new student today who is showing great creative talent. Wow Ivetta I was so impressed with your cutting skills. I have some photos to share Susie is the art deco lady, Barb is very Shabby chic, and then miss Patty is victorian. They all have there own styles and it's fasinating to watch how it all comes out in their projects. I too am sharing the pieces I have been completing lately. SNOWFLAKES because I believe it will be real soon so I thought I would get these done to be ahead of the real snow that's coming. The Butterfly just because I love butterflies and I need to do something that day. So I hope you enjoy viewing all my pieces.
And there is Oscar the Hornet he is a very favorite of someone who requested him for xmas. Hope he likes it.

Glass for the soul

Ok, I am ready to start my blog, here it goes. I wanted to share all my glass works with my family and friends and I also would like to let everyone see how my work is progressing. Since I am alone a lot these days and I really don't have anyone to talk to I thought I could use this blog idea to get some feedback. Please feel free to make suggestions anytime about anything you see on my site. Yes I am looking for feedback on my glass pieces mostly. I need it if I am going to continue to improve on my style and designs. My family is supportive but only when they can see the pieces and now they can see all the pieces I make so I am excited to hear all there comments. So here it goes a piece a did a while back and it is pleasing to the eye but I just dont know where I would hang this one. hmmmm suggestions would be good. I will blog again later today after I have taken some more photos of my most recent projects.